Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Adventure Begins

R/V Sikuliaq in Honolulu harbor. (Photo credit: James Girton)

Welcome to the SMILE cruise blog! The R/V Sikuliaq arrived in Honolulu harbor this morning to start loading for our real-world geophysical fluid dynamics (aka GFD) experiment studying submesoscale lateral turbulence and restratification in the North Pacific Subtropical Front. What does that mean, you ask? Well, tune in to find out.

Today, rather than pursue lofty goals of theoretical climate physics, we spent the day moving heavy things around...

Co-Principal Investigator and part-time forklift driver John Mickett makes it look easy! The orange thing is the SWIMS winch for automated depth control of our towed profiling package. (Photo credit: James Girton)

John Mickett, Avery Snyder, and Eric Boget moving the surface buoy. The buoy will drift with the flow and measure winds, rain, and radiative fluxes from the instruments on top, and ocean temperature, salinity, and currents from a chain of sensors hanging beneath. (Photo credit: James Girton)