Monday, March 20, 2017

Volunteers at Work

We have a fantastic group of researchers, engineers, technicians, students, and volunteers out here in the science party, all putting in long hours under often-challenging conditions. Yes, 3 volunteers are working 12-hour watches and participating in the full range of our activities, from assembling and fixing equipment to launching and recovering gear, to watching the mind-numbing screen of the automated SWIMS winch system for days at a time. Here's a tremendous "thank you" to all of them for their contributions to our science!

Volunteer Keaton Snyder and Co-PI Eric Kunze during the pre-cruise loading in Honolulu. (photo credit: James Girton)
Co-PI John Mickett and volunteer Ethan Brush prepare the over-the-side ADCP pole. (photo credit: JG)

Volunteer Keaton Snyder, biologist Kate Kouba, and grad student Hyang Yoon demonstrate their safety gear during a drill the first day of the cruise. (photo credit: JG)

Volunteer Olga Mironenko discovers a treasure-trove of sea life and drifting plastic in the ship's water intake strainer. (photo credit: JG)

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